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In the News...

* This Week's Update (9-22-14) -  PA borrowing $1.5 billion from state treasury to cover basic operating expenses; General Assembly has numerous bills scheduled for consideration but few days remaining to act on them

* Budget Information - The 2014-15 state budget has been signed into law. Click here for information on the enacted budget.


Publications & Information...

* NEW! PASA/PASBO presentation (pdf) before the Basic Education Funding Commission  on Aug. 20

* Report: Fourth Annual PASA-PASBO Report on School District Budgets (June 2014) finds continuing cuts in programs, staff.  Click here (pdf ) to read the press release.  Click here (pdf) to read the report.

* Pension Plan Webcast:  Click here to view a recording of the June 4 webcast. (may take time to load)  Click here to access a PDF version of the PowerPoint outlining the proposed hybrid pension reform plan.

* Press Release: Poll Finds Most Voters Support Increased Funding for Public Education: Click here to read the press release (4/22/14)  concerning a poll of registered voters concerning education funding in Pennsylvania.

* FYI - Other documents and issues for your review - Click here

* The PASA Flyer - online newsletter (archives) - Click here



Most recent testimony, position papers and letters:

* Testimony (pdf): PlanCon

* Testimony (pdf): Economic Furloughs

* Testimony (pdf): Special Education Funding

* Testimony (pdf): School Safety

* Testimony (pdf): Online Education (HB 98)

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Announcements, Meetings & Reminders...

* Membership Renewal: Renew your PASA membership for 2014-15!  Forms now available.  Click here for information.

* Upcoming meetings:  Women's Caucus Board (Oct. 22), Board of Governors (Nov. 20-21)


Professional Development Opportunities...

* Click here for an overview of PASA's Professional Development Program for school administrators.  Upcoming programs include:


  * Click here for a complete list of workshops and programs.

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9/30 - Circuit Riders kick-off event (virtual)

10/21 - Education Congress Act 45 Follow-Up Session (PASA office)

10/21-24 - PASA/PSBA School Leadership Conference (Hershey)

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