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Your Professional Membership Means...

Being a Better Professional

Both PASA and AASA offer regional opportunities for colleagues to meet and discuss common challenges and individual successes, along with workshops and conferences that provide members with opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Influencing State and National Education Policy

The PASA Legislative Committee meets regularly to study and comment on proposed legislation. PASA members serve on state advisory committees and testify on major legislative and State Board proposals. The Resolutions Committee articulates PASA positions on educational issues. The PASA Board of Governors meets regularly with state officials to discuss common concerns. PASA represents the membership to the General Assembly and the State Department of Education.  AASA is widely recognized as the only association representing the interests of school administrators in Washington.


PASA offers an active web site, monthly newsletter (The PASA Flyer), reports on educational, legislative, and personal activities of interest to members, and White Papers on issues of special interest.  Check the AASA web site for a wide range of information available to school administrators on advocacy, leadership and public education.


PASA members network in a variety of ways: through a Mentoring Program for new superintendents to interact with experienced colleagues, a Women's Caucus that provides a network to address the unique interests of women school administrators, and a published Membership Directory which provides easy access to fellow members.  Network with your colleagues across the nation through the AASA web site and many other professional opportunities.

Support PASA members can call on PASA staff and colleagues when they experience job related problems. Members are eligible for limited legal services, including advice and assistance in developing contracts. Individual and Institutional Active Members also are eligible to purchase extended legal services that includes direct representation concerning job-related issues.  Depending on membership status, AASA also provides support resources.

PASA and AASA Membership Options....

PASA offers a number of membership options, depending on position and status (commissioned, non-commissioned, retired, etc.).  All members receive the monthly PASA newsletter and pay the membership rate for PASA programs.  Only Individual Active, Institutional Active and Institutional Active (Staff) are eligible to vote in PASA elections, can hold PASA offices and be appointed to committees and the Board, and receive the weekly E-Update.

AASA has a wide range of membership options, from Active to Small-School District Leader to Aspiring School System Leader and others.

CLICK HERE (pdf) to review the PASA and AASA membership options to determine which membership is appropriate for you.

How can you join PASA and AASA?

PASA is now accepting membership renewals and new memberships for the 2011-12 membership year.  Download a 2013-14 membership form (pdf).  Please return it to PASA by fax (717-540-4405, attn: Jolene Zelinski) or mail it to: PASA, 2608 Market Place, Harrisburg, PA 17110. 

In addition, you have three (3) payment options: pay by check, request an invoice or pay by credit card.  See the membership form for information.

Have a question about PASA or AASA Membership? 

Unsure about which membership is appropriate for you?  Payment options?  Contact PASA via e-mail  or call Jolene Zelinski in the PASA office at  (717) 540-4448.