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PASA Calendar

Click here for a list of upcoming professional development opportunities.


5   Education Research Symposium (Harrisburg)
5-6   2015 Education Congress (Harrisburg)
10   PLUS Caucus of PASA meeting (PASA office)
19   Commonwealth Budget Seminar (Mars)
20   Commonwealth Budget Seminar (Grantville)
24   Commonwealth Budget Seminar (webcast)
    Women's Caucus Board meeting (PASA office) change from March 30


3   PASA office closed
9   Board of Governors' meeting (PASA office)
17   Resolutions Committee meeting (PASA office)


3-5   Women's Caucus Conference (Hershey)
6   Professional Development Committee meeting (PASA office)
25   PASA office closed


3   PASA office closed
22-23   New Superintendents' Academy Part 1 (PASA office)
28-29   Symposium: Educational Excellence Through Equity with Alan Blankstein and Pedro Noguera (Abington)


7   PASA office closed
16-17   New Superintendents' Academy Part 2 (PASA office)