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Reports and Positions

PASA advocates for school administrators and public schools before the General Assembly, State Board of Education and other policy makers.  This advocacy includes testimony, letters to lawmakers, surveys and reports, position papers and special White Papers offering unique research on key issues.

Recent Testimony/Letters


Testimony on Keystone Exams, Teacher & Principal Evaluation, and School Accountability (June 2017)

Testimony on Military Recruiting in High Schools (March 2017)


Comments on Proposed ESSA Regulations
(July 2016)

Testimony on Alternative Education Funding Plan (June 2016)

Testimony on ESSA Implementation in Pennsylvania (May 2016)

Testimony and Comments on Proposed Immunization Regulations (May 2016)


Testimony on Substitute Teachers (October 2015)

Joint Letter on the Budget Impasse (September 2015)

Joint Letter on PlanCon Reimbursement (August 2015) 

HB 805: Economic Furloughs - Joint Letter with PAESSP (June 2015)

SB 6: Accountability & State Takeovers (May 2015)

Career/Technical Education (May 2015)

HB 177: Pennsylvania Academic Standards (February 2015)

HB 168: Keystone Exams & Graduation (February 2015)

PASA Resolutions 
The document informs PASA's advocacy efforts by identifying specific actions that need to be taken in order to achieve the goals of the association.