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State Budget

2017-18  State Budget

(updated 8/2/17)

Budget Still Not Resolved

On July 10, Gov. Wolf allowed a $32 million budget spending bill to go into effect without his signature,. However, to date, budget negotiators have not yet developed a compromise revenue plan to pay for it.

During the week of July 17, the House returned to Harrisburg, talked about the House Republican version of a revenue plan - but failed to bring it to the floor for a vote. They then went back into recess.

The very next week (the week of July 24), the Senate came back to Harrisburg, brought up the Senate Republican's revenue plan (different from the House version) - and passed it (albeit by a very narrow margin), along with various Code bills related to the budget.

Now it is up to the House to consider the Senate plan (which includes some new and increased taxes) and the other Senate-passed and budget-related Code bills (including a School Code bill). Stay tuned... and follow us on Twitter @PASASupts.

The Spending Plan

The spending bill was a win for education. The $100 million in BEF and $25 million in SEF remained in the budget. Another bright spot is that the $50 million transportation cut recommended by the governor was restored by the legislature.  Also, the Pre-K Counts Program was increased by $25 million, although less than the $65 million requested by the governor. Head Start also was increased by $5 million. 

Impact of Advocacy

This budget is a win for public education in another very difficult budget year. Although the subsidy increases are not enough to offset mandated expenditures for pensions, special education, and charter schools, public education received small increases and was not asked to endure cuts. The final budget results was due, in large part, to your advocacy and the hard work of many other individuals and agencies involved with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding. These efforts resulted in increased funding for students and restoring the proposed cuts to transportation. Your voice does matter, and we encourage you to continue to speak out on behalf of public education. 


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