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State Budget

2017-18 Proposed State Budget

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled his proposed 2017-18 budget. The $32.3 billion budget plan, an increase of $571.5 million, or 1.8 percent over the prior year, includes no broad-based tax increases.

SUMMARY – Education Funding and Policy Proposal

Provides Pre-K to 12 Education a $100 million Basic Education increase, a $25 million Special Education increase, and a $75 million Pre-K and Head Start program increase  

Updates and simplifies the Pupil Transportation funding formula "to incentivize efficiency and better reflect costs" ($50 million decrease).

Level-funds Ready to Learn block grants ($250 million)

Provides $2 million in state funds, leveraging $1 million in federal funds, for school improvement efforts.

Provides $2 million in state funds, leveraging up to $20 million in federal funds, to enhance current school breakfast programs.

PASA's Response to the Budget Proposal...

Gov. Wolf has continued his support of public education despite a bleak economic picture across the state. The proposed $100 million increase in basic education subsidy (BEF) and $25 million increase in special education subsidy will assist school districts in maintaining their educational operations. We understand that these projected increases show the governor’s belief in the value of public education, even as he proposed $2 billion in cuts, consolidations and savings from other aspects of state government.

Unfortunately, despite the increase in the BEF and special education, the $50 million decrease in the transportation subsidy, combined with a projected increase of more than $140 million in PSERS costs, will result in a net loss to most school districts.  The crushing weight of the pension crisis will continue to cause significant financial difficulties for school districts unless the problem is addressed.

We commend the governor’s commitment to early childhood education. The proposed increase of $65 million for Pre-K Counts and the additional $10 million for Head Start will help ensure that more low-income children have access to high quality early childhood learning programs.  Both of these programs are of tremendous benefit to our children and will pay significant dividends to our students, schools, and communities well into the future.

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