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Session 3: 2017-18 New Supts. Academy

Presentation Documents
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Professionalism and Communications
Presenter: Dr. Sherri Smith
Power Point
Communications Plan
Lower Dauphin Social Media/Communications Policy
Lower Dauphin: Strategic Goals?

Communication Strategies for Creating a Positive Image of Your District
Presenters: Mary Curley
Power Point
Job Description: Communications Manager
Job Description: Communications Specialist
Job Description: Director of Communications & Learning Solutions
Sample Communications Plan

Communication Strategies During and After a Tragedy or Crisis
Presenter: Cissy Bowman, Angela Linch, Patricia McGlone, Chris Rosenblum (PenSPRA)
Power Point

Policy & Legislative Matters and Communications
Presenter: Mark DiRocco
Power Point

Equitably Serving ALL Students through Professionalism & Effective Communication
Presenter: Dr. Terrance Furin
Power Point
Related Article

Communications in Support of Children and Public Education
Presenter: LeeAnn Wentzel
Power Point
Developing Testimony
Tips on Advocacy

Planning, Budgeting and Communicating the Budget
Presenter: Wayne McCullough
Power Point
Budget Timelines
GASB Power Point

Act 45 Requirements