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Members of the Board of Governors

2020-21 Board of Governors
October 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021


President: Dr. John Bell, Delaware Valley
President-Elect/Secretary: Dr. Jay Burkhart, South Western
Treasurer: Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Punxsutawney Area
Past-President: Dr. Jeffrey Fuller

Regional Representatives

IU Name School Entity
1 Michael Daniels Canon-McMillan
3 Dr. Randal Lutz Baldwin-Whitehall
4 Dr. Jeffrey Finch Grove City Area
5 Shane Murray Iroquois
6 Dr. Thomas Lesniewski Punxsutawney Area
7 Dr. Gennaro R. Piraino, Jr.* Franklin Regional
8 Dr. Robert Gildea Hollidaysburg Area
9 Dr. G. Brian Toth St. Marys Area
10 Michelle Dutrow West Branch Area
11 Dr. Shawn Kovac Tuscarora I.U. 11
12 Dr. Shane Hotchkiss* Bermudian Springs
13 Dr. Robert Hollister Eastern Lancaster County
14 Dr. Richard Mextorf Hamburg Area
15 Ryan Neuhard Newport
16 Dr. Cathy Keegan Milton Area
17 Dr. Timothy Bowers Williamsport Area
18 Brian Uplinger Hazelton Area
19 Dr. Michael Mahon Abington Heights
20 Dr. John Bell Delaware Valley
21 Lynn Fuini-Hetten Salisbury Township
22 Dr. Samuel Lee Bensalem Township
23 Christopher Dormer Norristown Area
24 Dr. John Sanville Unionville-Chadds Ford
25 Lee Ann Wentzel* Ridley
27 Dr. Joseph Guarino New Brighton Area
28 Clint Weimer Marion Center Area
29 Dr. Shawn Fitzpatrick Schuylkill Haven Area

Committee, Caucus Chairs / AASA Representatives

President, Women's Caucus: Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Salisbury Township
President, PLUS Caucus of PASA: Stephen Rodriguez, Pottstown
Chair, Advocacy Committee: Dr. Jay Burkhart, South Western
Chair, Legislative Committee: Dr. Shane Hotchkiss, Bermudian Springs
Chair, Election Committee: Dr. Jay Burkhart, South Western
Chair, Membership Committee: Dr. Jeffrey Fuller, Freedom Area
Chair, Professional Development Committee: Dr. Francine Endler, Central I.U. 10
Chair, Technology Committee: Dr. David Christopher, Cumberland Valley
AASA Representatives*: Dr. Nicholas Guarente, Greenwood, and Dr. Bridget O'Connell, Palisades
PLGIT Representative: Dr. Samuel Lee, Bensalem Township, Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Punxutawney Area
PIAA Representative: Lee Ann Wentzel, Ridley
EasyProcure Representative: Dr. Mark Leidy, Mechanicsburg Area

*Other PA representatives to the AASA Governing Board/Executive Board