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AASA National Superintendent Certification ProgramĀ®: PASA 2021

Excellence in leadership within our nation’s public schools has never been more vital to our children’s success than it is today.  To provide a dynamic and interactive professional development program that will positively impact student achievement, PASA is partnering with AASA, The School Superintendents Association®, to facilitate a Pennsylvania Cohort of AASA’s premier National Superintendent Certification Program®.
Adjusted Schedule for the 2021 PA Cohort:
Session 1: November 6-7, 2019
* Ethics and Professional Norms for Superintendents Serving the Students of Today and Tomorrow
* Promoting Equity and Cultural Responsiveness: Building a Shared Vision of Student Academic Success and Well-Being
June 24 - Virtual Session (3.25 hours)
June 25 - Virtual Session (3.25 hours)
July 30 - Virtual Session (3.25 hours)
October 12 & 13: Virtual Sessions 
November 19: Virtual Session
January 13, 2021: Virtual Session (3.25 hours)
March 4: In-Person Session (plus PM) 
March 5: In-Person Session
June 23 & 24: In-Person Session

Session Topics:
* A Vision for Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
* Superintendent and Board Relations, Policies and Procedures
* The Superintendent and the District's Communication Plan
* Organizational Culture Building: Promoting a Shared Vision for Quality Teaching and Learning
* Engaging Families, Bussiness, Government Agencies and the Community
* The Superintendent as Instructional Leader: Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction in a 21st Century Educational Environment
* Operations and Management
* The Role of Superintendent in Promoting the School Improvement Process
* Addressing Social/Emotional and Academic Learning: Building a Community of Care and Support for ALL Students
* Building Professional Capacity and Community in the Learning Organization
* Legislative Advocacy and Culminating Capstone Projects
* Culminating Capstone Projects and Reflections

Questions should be directed to: Connie Kindler, Consultant for Professional Development, ckindler@pasa-net.org or (717) 215-4075.