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2019 PASA Election

PASA is seeking nominations and candidates for:
- PASA President
- PASA Treasurer
- Pennsylvania representative (one) to the AASA Governing Board

PASA Officers: President and Treasurer

Candidates for PASA President must make a three-year commitment to the association by serving one year each as President-Elect, President and Past-President. The individual serves on the PASA Executive Committee during the three-year period and also chairs the Resolutions Committee during his/her term as President-Elect. The individual elected will serve as President-Elect in the 2019-20 membership year, beginning October 1, 2019. 

Candidates for PASA Treasurer serve a one-year term. The Treasurer works with the Executive Director to oversee association finances and make reports to the Board of Governors. The elected Treasurer's term begins on October 1, 2019.

Eligible candidates must have been an active member of the Association for at least three years prior to October 1, 2018.

Interested candidates must submit the following to the Association office no later than March 15:
- a nominating petition that includes signatures of at least a majority of the current PASA members* from the candidate's I.U.
- a nominating petition (or petitions) that includes signatures of at least 20 current PASA members* from at least two other I.U.s
(* current PASA members as Commissioned Officer, Small District Leader or District Cabinet/Central Office)

CLICK HERE for a copy of the I.U. nominating petition.
CLICK HERE for a copy of the at-large nominating petition (for other I.U.s)

This election will be held in early spring (TBA).

Pennsylvania Representative to the AASA Governing Board (one position)

Term: three years, effective July 2019 through June 2022

PASA is seeking to fill one (1) position on the AASA Governing Board. Responsibilities of the Board include:
- acting on resolutions submitted by the AASA Executive Committee or other resolutions approved for consideration with a 2/3 vote
- recommending policy to the Executive Committee
- serving as the liaison between state affiliates and AASA
- determining, on an annual basis, the Association dues for Active and Associate members
- recommending programs and activities for inclusion in the AASA budget
- reviewing the annual AASA budget
- affirming AASA's legislative agenda

Eligible candidates must have been eligible voting members of both AASA and PASA for at least three years. Candidates must be committed to attending two AASA meetings per year (July and February). Travel expenses are provided for the July meeting. Governing Board members are responsible for their own expenses to the February meeting, which coincides with the AASA National School Leadership Conference.  

To apply, submit electronically either separately or as one letter:
- a short biographical statement (including involvement with AASA and PASA)
- goals for AASA
- reason(s) for seeking the position
- digital photo

Application information (listed above) is due to PASA no later than March 15. This election will be held in early spring (TBA).


All questions on eligiblity and the nomination/application process for these positions, all nomination petitions and all candidate materials should be directed to:
Jolene Zelinski, PASA, 2608 Market Place, Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 540-4448   FAX: (717) 540-4405   Email: jolenez@pasa-net.org