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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Managing the Risks: A seven-part webinar series

Start Date: 8/2/2022 11:30 AM EDT
End Date: 1/18/2023 1:00 PM EST

Organization Name: PASA

Aubrey Kyler
Email: akyler@pasa-net.org
Phone: (717) 540-4448

About the Series: Superintendents face many difficult challenges serving as schools’ chief education officers. This is particularly true during a time when education works to recover and rebuild from over two years of disruption from a global pandemic.
Knowing upfront the recent issues that superintendents and school leaders are facing and the common missteps to avoid can prevent serious mistakes to your future leadership success.  Whether you are a new superintendent or a seasoned veteran, the updates and discussions presented by the panel of experts in this series will benefit all.

Register to attend the newly developed PASA Webinar Series “Managing the Risks”, built specifically to assist school leaders gain perspective and knowledge to be successful!

Each Webinar is scheduled 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., including time for participants to ask questions and share experiences in breakout room discussions on the topics presented!  Come listen and learn!

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Tuesday, August 2           
School Safety: Prevention and Preparedness

About the Webinar: Topics include threat assessments, trauma-informed planning, required safety trainings, communication strategies for staff, families, and community, required security drills, and crisis response teams.

Facilitator: Dr. Scott Kuren, Director Office of Safe Schools, PA Department of Education, and panel of other state agency members

Wednesday, August 31      
Professional Ethics and the Educator Discipline Act

About the Webinar: Topics include an introduction to the educator discipline system; Pennsylvania’s Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators; the Model Code of Ethics for Educators; duties of school entities under the Educator Discipline Act; reporting educator misconduct, including mandatory and permissive reporting under the Educator Discipline Act, how to make a report, protections for those who report, and the consequences for failing to report; and strategies for preventing educator misconduct.

Facilitator:  Shane F. Crosby, Executive Director and Legal Counsel, Professional Standards and Practices Commission, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

Tuesday, September 13         
Complex Student Issues: Avoiding Ethical and Legal Issues

About the Webinar: Topics include student discipline and investigations; student enrollment; special education; student rights, such as speech, FERPA; and addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Facilitator: Andy Faust, Attorney, Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP      

Thursday, October 20           
Record Retention, Right to Know, Board Conflict of Interests, and 
Litigation Holds
About the Webinar: Topics include records and information that must be maintained; record retention schedules; the differences between use of school district provided and personal equipment; information that can be obtained from and cautions to take when using personal equipment and with district equipment; information that can be requested from phones, computers, etc.; the redacting of information; RTKL requests, current issues and trends; managing board communications; board conflict of interests/ethics; and litigation hold procedures.

Facilitator:  Gareth D. Pahowka, Attorney, Stock & Leader 

Tuesday, November 15         
Fiscal Responsibilities – Managing Revenues and Expenditures 

About the Webinar: Topics include understanding your district school finance position, demographics, and trends; appropriate use of funds and prior board approval, etc.; donations and gifts; and appropriate allocation of local, state and federal funds.

Facilitator: Hannah Barrick, Executive Director and PASBO Staff

Wednesday, December 13    
The Pennsylvania Public Official and Employees Ethics Act – Compliance 
and Potential Unintended Violations
About the Webinar: Topics include Ethics Act compliance and unintended consequences, parameters surrounding the acceptance of gifts in the form of objects, tickets, meals, travel, lodging, conference perks, etc. from vendors and the disclosure of them will be reviewed.  Learn the cautions, reporting obligations, thresholds, potential exposure, and consequences.

Facilitator: Mary Fox, Executive Director, State Ethics Commission

Wednesday, January 18       
Red-Flags and Salvaging your Career when Board Relationships Go South 

About the Webinar: Topics include Board-Superintendent relationships and "red-flags" that require Superintendents’ awareness; importance of contract language, requirements for the appointment of Superintendents, renewal and non-renewal of contracts, separation agreements, buy-outs and severance payments, solicitor's role, retirement benefits, and considerations when a board member(s) behaves inappropriately and/or the relationship between the Superintendent and School Board deteriorates.

Facilitators:  Dr. Sherri Smith, Director of Professional Development, Virginia Montgomery, General Counsel, and Linda McKay, Deputy General Counsel, PA Association of School Administrators