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PASA Research Fellows

The PASA Research and Development Committee has established a goal of encouraging educational leadership doctoral students from around the Commonwealth to pursue research in areas of interest to PASA members.  The PASA Board of Governors unanimously approved the resolution in 2002 that the committee be authorized to name -- on an annual basis -- PASA Research Fellows.  These fellow designations, renewable annually and based upon the following guidelines, provide an efficient and economical way of highlighting the efforts of doctoral students and of encouraging on-point research efforts.

Educational leadership doctoral students may submit an application to the Research and Development Committee chair at any time to be considered for the designation of PASA Research Fellow.  In addition to completing the cover form (pdf version or Word version) identifying the applicant, the application should:
Include a précis of the research to be undertaken (typically an abstract of the student's dissertation proposal).
Explicitly identify the proposal's connection to PASA research interests.
Carry the endorsement of the student's dissertation advisor (or other authorized university faculty member) and a practicing educational administrator and PASA member.

The application must not exceed ten double-spaced pages and must be submitted as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word.

The PASA Research and Development Committee will decide, at its sole discretion, on the awarding and duration of Fellow status.  Such award will not constitute any financial award to the student or obligation on the part of PASA.  Rather, this designation is honorary and will enable the designated PASA Research Fellow to approach PASA members throughout the Commonwealth as the Fellow attempts to pursue the designated research. 

In essence, this designation says to the practicing school leader that the Fellow's research carries PASA's "seal of approval."  PASA's decision for disseminating or publishing the final research report shall be determined following a dissertation review and recommendation by the Research and Development Committee and a recommendation by the PASA Executive Director.

CLICK HERE for the 2015 Needs Assessment Report.

Send completed applications by e-mail to Dr. Joyce Pittman, committee chair, at jap386@drexel.edu or jpittman.pasard@gmail.com