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Research Areas of Interest

In 2014, the PASA Research and Development Committee, in conjunction with the Director of Professional Development and the PASA Professional Development Committee, created and administered the PASA Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey, A Profile of Pennsylvania's Most Urgent Professional Development & Research and Development Needs for School Administrators, to over 800 school leaders.  The information is contributing to developing and supporting high potential professional development plans for school administrators and PASA Research Fellow research activities that align with school administrators' needs and PASA's 2013-18 Strategic Plan. 
Current research and development interests include, but are not limited to, the following K-12 topics (listed by priority):
Curriculum and Instructional Leadership
Curriculum assessment, alignment and School Performance Profile (SPP)
* Principal performance evaluation system
* Teacher performance evaluation system
Educational technology for school leaders
Educational Leadership and Management
Transformational leadership and school change
* Team building in school systems
* School leadership development for school administrators
Diversity and intercultural communications
Staffing Needs
* Certification
* Highly-qualified requirements
* Anticipated staff turnover in critical areas
School finance
School facilities
Educational Policy and Organizations
School law and politics
Cyber education and cyber-charter schools
School accountability issues and mandates
* No Child Left Behind
* PSSA, Keystones and SPP
Special education
* Staffing
* Budgeting
* Pupil Identification
Creativity and Innovation
Global and international education leadership
School and community partnerships and relations
Questions concerning these issues and/or the PASA Research Fellows program may be director to Dr. Joyce Pittman, chair of the Research & Development Committee, at jap386@drexel.edu or jpittman.pasard@gmail.com.