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Innovative Teaching & Learning Committee

The Innovative Teaching & Learning Committee is composed of up to nine members appointed by the PASA president from among the PASA membership to three-year terms. 
The Committee meets at the call of the chair.
Responsibility of the Committee
The committee is charged with developing programs and strategies that improve the knowledge and skills of PASA members in the use of technology and research to assist with advocacy and to enhance teaching and learning across the commonwealth.

2023-24 Innovative Teaching & Learning Committee

Co-Chair: Dr. David Christopher, Cumberland Valley
Co-Chair: Dr. Jill Jacoby, Allegheny I.U. 3

Dr. Michele Balliet, Ex-officio

Dr. Peter Aiken, Central York

Dr. Kristen Barnello, West Chester Area

Dr. Scott Hand, Radnor Township

Dr. Bradley Landis, Montgomery County I.U. 23

Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Punxsatawney Area

Dr. Randal Lutz, Baldwin-Whitehall

Dr. Joseph Mancuso III, Eastern York

Mr. Philip Martell, River Valley

Dr. Noreen O'Neill, Chester County I.U. 1

Dr. Peggy Schooling, Penn State Study Council

​Dr. Andrew Surloff, Quaker Valley

Dr. Kirstin Szewczyk, I.U. 1

Dr. Brian Troop, Ephrata Area

 PASA Support: Aubrey Kyler, Professional Development Administrative Assistant