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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is composed of elected members from each of the 29 PASA regions. Members are elected in the same manner, for the same term, and on the same cycle as the regional Board of Governors' members. From among its members, the PASA President appoints a chairperson.
The Committee meets at the call of the chair. In addition, the committee meets via conference or Zoom calls on Monday mornings during weeks when the General Assembly is in session to receive updated information on what is happening at the Capitol, discuss the issues, and raise questions. Following the call, members receive (via email) notes summarizing issues discussed on the call and share them with colleagues within their respective regions.
Responsibility of the Committee
The Legislative Committee studies and makes recommendations to PASA regarding legislation and regulations important to public education and affecting PASA. In addition, the committee, in cooperation with the Executive Director and PASA staff, monitors legislation and regulations throughout the legislative and regulatory process and utilizes the Statement of PASA Advocacy Priorities when formulating its position on legislative and regulatory issues.
Responsibilities of Committee Members
* develop ongoing communication with the PASA members in their regions on legislative issues by bringing to their attention PASA legislative updates, soliciting their views on pending legislation and sharing those views with the full committee
* foster ongoing communication between PASA members in their regions and legislators by participating in PASA sponsored or co-sponsored "lobby day" activities, by inviting legislators to regional activities, and by coordinating back to school visits for legislators
* participate in conference/Zoom calls, share meeting notes with colleagues, regularly access the PASA web site to gather the latest information, and  share information about PASA's advocacy work with regional colleagues

CLICK HERE for the 2021-22 PASA Advocacy Priorities.
The document informs PASA's advocacy efforts by identifying specific actions that need to be taken in order to achieve the goals of the association.

2022-23 Legislative Committee

Chair: Dr. Shane Hotchkiss, Bermudian Springs



01 William Henderson Frazier
02 Vacant Vacant
03 Dr. Bryan O'Black Shaler Area
04 Dr. Brian White Butler Area
  Raymond Omer West Middlesex Area
05 Thomas Washington Crawford Central
06 Dr. Michael Stahlman Riverview I.U. 6
07 Dr. Misty Slavic Kiski Area
08 Mark Kudlawiec Chestnut Ridge
09 Matthew Splain Otto-Eldred
10 Dr. John Zesiger Moshannon Valley
11 Vance Varner Mifflin County
12 Dr. Jay Burkhart South Western
13 Michael Bromirski Hempfield
  Matthew Stem Lancaster-Lebanon I.U. 13
14 Andrew Potteiger Brandywine Heights Area
15 Ryan Neuhard Newport
16 David Campbell Line Mountain
17 Dr. Jason Bottiglieri Wyalusing Area
18 Dr. Anthony Grieco Luzerne I.U. 18
19 Paul Brennan Riverside
20 Dr. Joseph Roy Bethlehem Area
21 Dr. Robert Steckel Whitehall-Coplay
22 Rebecca Roberts-Malamis Bucks Co. I.U. 22
23 Valentina Viletto Montgomery Co. IU 23
24 Mary Curley Chester County IU 24
25 Dr. George Steinhoff Penn-Delco
26 Vacant Vacant
27 Dr. Robert J. Kartychak Hopewell Area
28 Chris DeVivo Armstrong
29 Dr. Robert Ackell North Schuylkill
  Dr. Gregory Koons Schuylkill I.U. 29