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Leadership for Learning

The PASA Leadership for Learning course is designed to provide the participant with a framework to transform education in the classroom, building and/or district. The course will be offered in three modules, each with both one-site and virtual components, and include an evidence-fair component. In addition to module attendance, each participant will be asked to create a culminating activity/project that focuses on how advanced technologies and Universal Design Learning (UDL) engages and empowers all students in successful learning experiences.

(*Each session: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; lunch provided. 2017-18 course for new registrants begins on August 11.)
Module 1 – Education Past and Present 
This module will include a review and discussion of the history of education in the United States and what our systems look like today. Participants will identify the key events that lead to disparities in education. Based upon the best current research, participants will create a schematic of the future of education.
2016-17: Midwestern I.U. 4 - Nov. 9, 2016; Lancaster-Lebanon I.U. 13 - Dec. 13, 2016  
2017-18: PASA Office (Harrisburg) - August 11

Module 2 – Future of Education 
This module will allow participants to become familiar with the advanced technologies and tools that are available to transform education. The content emphases will be on the use of technologies to enhance student learning, the use of data, and the acceleration of effective teaching practices.
2016-17: Midwestern I.U. 4 - Jan. 23; Lancaster-Lebanon I.U. 13 - Jan. 30  
2017-18: PASA Office (Harrisburg) - October 2

Module 3 – Transforming Education 
This module will tackle the problems associated with transforming education and implementing personalized/customized learning for students.
2016-17: Midwestern I.U. 4 - May 2; Lancaster-Lebanon I.U. 13 - May 5 
2017-18: PASA Office (Harrisburg) - December 5

In addition to attending the three modules on-site, each participant will complete six 60-minute virtual lessons that prepare and support the face-to-face meetings. The virtual lesson also requires each person to become familiar with an online alternative means of learning. 
Evidence Fair
Dates: TBA
The final session of the course is dedicated to sharing the participants’ culminating activity with other participants and invited audience. Each individual will be required to use a form of advanced technology to record the critical components of transforming education and provide evidence of their learning. 

Cost: $349 for PASA members, $449 for non-members (includes lunch and materials for all three modules)

To Register for the 2017-18 Course: 
Register ONLINE - or CLICK HERE to complete a writable registration form (download, complete and save) and send it to the PASA office by mail, fax or email.

Questions about this course?
Please contact Connie R. Kindler, Director of Professional Development.

Approved for 60 hours of PIL/Act 48 (Act 45) credit

TO EARN PIL/ACT 48 (ACT 45) CREDIT, you must attend all three on-site sessions and corresponding virtual/online sessions, participate in the evidence fair and complete the culminating activity.

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