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Advocacy Alert: Medicaid Funding

June 30 Update


The U.S. Senate version of healthcare reform (the Better Care Reconcilliation Act of 2017)  includes steep cuts to Medicaid. And that would have a terrible effect on our schools AND our most needy students.
Our national affiliate, AASA, has been pressing Congress to preserve the present level of Medicaid funding for students – and they are asking for our help in continuing strong advocacy on this issue. 

The Senate is expected to try to vote on this bill in early July. Should that happen, and should the bill pass that chamber, the plan appears to be to send it immediately to the House for concurrence, rather than go through a conference committee process to iron out differences with the House version passed in early May.
Please click on the links below to access several documents to assist you in advocacy on this crucial issue:

* a sample letter that you can personalize to write to Senator Toomey and Senator Casey;

* a contact list of key Senate congressional staffers with email addresses; and

* a document that shows how much each state receives in Medicaid funds.
ALSO... We encourage you to send a letter to your U.S. Representative as the senate bill will eventually have to go back to the House for concurrence and a final vote. CLICK HERE for a contact list of key congressional House staff with email addresses.
THIS IS URGENT! Our schools stand to LOSE considerable funding with the anticipated Medicaid cuts – and that means our students, their families and our communities lose too.
Your immediate advocacy on this issue is key.  Thank you in advance for doing all you can to advocate against Medicaid cuts!
Dr. Mark DiRocco
Executive Director