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Membership Committee

The Committee on Membership is composed of elected members from each of the 29 PASA regions. Members are elected in the same manner, for the same term, and on the same cycle as the regional Board of Governor's members. The Chair/Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Committee are appointed by the President from among the committee members.
The Committee does not meet on a regular basis but may convene at the call of the chair.
Responsibility of the Committee
The Committee establishes and reviews membership policies, reviews the program of PASA membership services, and suggests to the Board of Governors policies that will improve association membership.
Responsibilities of Committee Members
* welcome new Commissioned Officers in the region
* help to create and support mentor relationships
* inform PASA with changes in administrative positions within their respective regions
* recruit new members, both superintendents and assistant superintendents

2018-19 Membership Committee

Chair: Dr. Amy Sichel (former superintendent, Abington)

IU Representative  
01 Dr. James Walsh Burgettstown Area
03 Dr. Randal Lutz Baldwin-Whitehall
04 Dr. Tracy Vitale Seneca Valley
05 Shane Murray Iroquois
06 Dr. Pamela Dye Franklin Area
07 Judith Swigart Greater Latrobe
08 Dr. Thomas McInroy Bellwood-Antis
09 Dr. Michele Hartzell Oswayo Valley
10 Dr. Gregg Paladina Philipsburg-Osceola Area
11 Dr. Brett Gilliland Tuscarora I.U. 11
12 Dr. Stacey Sidle Northeastern York
13 Dr. David Zuilkoski Conestoga Valley
14 Dr. Steve Gerhard Governor Mifflin
15 Dr. Mark Leidy Mechanicsburg Area
16 Harry Mathias Central Columbia
17 Eric Briggs Canton Area
18 Brian Uplinger Hazleton Area
19 Dr. Michael Mahon Abington Heights
20 Dr. Charlene Brennan Colonial IU 20
21 Dennis Kergick, Sr. Panther Valley 
22 Dr. Samuel Lee Bensalem Township
23 Dr. MaryKay Feeley Lower Moreland Twp.
24 Dr. Regina Palubinski Great Valley
25 Dr. Stephen Butz Southeast Delco
27 Dr. Michelle Miller Hopewell Area
28 James Wagner ARIN IU 28
29 David Helsel Blue Mountain