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PASA Mentor Coaching Program

for educational leaders, by educational leaders
Why Facilitate a Mentor Coaching Program? 
PASA is the “premier professional organization that cultivates and sustains Pennsylvania school system leaders.”  As such, our current Strategic Plan identifies strategies to expand PASA’s mentoring program and develop an executive coaching program that addresses several components within the Strategic Plan.  In addition to increasing the pipeline of professionals for the positions of superintendent and assistant superintendent, inclusive of underrepresented groups, it empowers the professional and personal individual growth of those already serving in these positions through a job-embedded model in which a mentor coach guides the client’s achievement of his/her desired results. 

In addition, a personalized approach for aspiring and current superintendents and assistant superintendents adds a customized, client-centered complement to our array of professional development offerings.  Similar to many of our other professional development programs, the Mentor Coach Program is distinguished by the seasoned current and former superintendents who facilitate it. 

What Is a Mentor Coach? 
A mentor coach invests in someone else, offering his/her own experiences, knowledge and skills to guide the participant’s navigation of his/her professional position or aspiration.  Within PASA’s Mentor Coach Program, a PASA-trained, seasoned current or former superintendent uses both mentoring and coaching processes to best address the client’s strengths, needs, challenges and/or desired focus and/or results.  

What Is PASA's Mentor Coaching Program?
The program is based on various international and national mentoring and coaching models, as well as those from other state superintendent associations.  To meet our members’ diverse and specialized educational leadership needs, our program provides varied implementation models (below).  Each model is facilitated face-to-face, primarily in a virtual setting, and includes a minimum of 15 hours within a one-year time period, although in-person settings and additional time can be scheduled if the mentor coach and client agree. 
1.   STANDARDS MODEL for new career or aspiring superintendents and assistant superintendents (intensive model that addresses the PIL and PSEL standards)
2.   GOAL MODEL for current superintendents or assistant superintendents (client-selected goal model)
3.   GOAL MODEL for aspiring superintendents or assistant superintendents (client-selected goal model)
4.   GOAL MODEL for current superintendents and their teams (client-selected goal model)
5.   TOPIC MODEL for current and aspiring superintendents and assistant superintendents (client-selected topics model)

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How Does One Become a PASA Mentor Coach?
Current or retired superintendents who are interested in serving as mentors should contact Dr. Michele Balliet, mballiet@pasa-net.org  

Contact Dr. Sherri Smith at ssmith@pasa-net.org.