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PASA Mentoring Program

The Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) Mentoring Program is designed to enhance the learning, self-awareness and leadership performance of new superintendents.

How the Program Works 
Initially the program will begin with a one-to-one mentor/mentee relationship, with the potential for growing into a developmental virtual network consisting of experienced and new superintendents who meet monthly to address leadership and management issues related to the superintendency. The mentor(s) is a superintendent who has experienced at least one renewal of his/her contract.  He/she will provide assistance and support to the superintendent who is new to this role. 

Mentees and Mentors 
The program is voluntary for both the mentor and the mentee and does not provide reimbursement for time or expenses. Experienced superintendents or those recently retired are urged to volunteer for a period of one year to serve as a mentor(s) to a newly appointed superintendent(s). Important to the role of a mentor is the enjoyment of helping others with the competencies necessary to experience success as a new superintendent.  

Requesting a Mentor
New superintendents can confidentially request a mentor via the PASA Director of Professional Development who will make every attempt to identify someone who can relate to the culture of the new superintendent’s district. Important to the role of mentee is the desire to learn the information and skills that will lead to success as a new superintendent.  
Time Commitment
At least one time per month at a mutually agreed upon time, the mentor(s) and mentee(s) will meet either in person, virtually or by phone. Through questioning, shaping and nurturing, the mentor(s) will support and guide the new superintendent.

Program Benefits
Program benefits could include but are not limited to the following leadership skills:

Strategic and Cultural Leadership
Implements processes to collect and analyze data
Uses data to drive decisions
Reviews and revises vision, mission and strategic goals that drive decisions
Develops teams to create a culture of collaboration, distributive leadership and continuous improvement
Creates of a school culture that prioritizes access, opportunity and equity for all students
Empowers staff

Systems Leadership
Establishes systems to leverage human and financial resources that best serve students
Implements systems that ensure a high performing staff
Complies with federal, state and LEA mandates
Uses various forms of communications that engage all stakeholders
Constructively manages conflict
Effectively manages crises
Develops and implements safe schools

Leadership for Learning
Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates school improvement plans
Assures the alignment of curricula, instruction and assessments
Assures the implementation of high quality instruction
Maintains high expectations of students
Maintains high expectations of staff
Assures accountability

Professional and Community Leadership
Maximizes professional responsibilities through parent involvement and community engagement
Creates community partnerships
Demonstrates professionalism
Supports professional growth of self and others

If the relationship or meeting plan does not work, either the mentor or mentee should notify the PASA Director of Professional Development.


Overview of the Program

Optional Topics

Mentor Application
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Mentee Application
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Contact Connie Kindler at ckindler@pasa-net.org.