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Developing the 2021-22 PASA Advocacy Priorities

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for informing and encouraging the membership to submit advocacy priorities for consideration, coordinating regional discussion on issues of high concern, and recommending changes to the PASA Advocacy Priorities document annually.

* Identify issues and trends that may affect the operation of public schools in the commonwealth
* Develop a list of regional issue "priorities" and recommendations for changes in the list of Advocacy Priorities by polling PASA members in each respective intermediate unit and/or discussing issues at I.U. meetings
* Annually participate in the annual spring meeting to discuss recommended changes to the PASA Advocacy Priorities and draft an updated document 

CLICK HERE for a list of committee members.


Click on the links below to access important documents related to the Advocacy Priorities process.
2020-21 PASA Resolutions
2020-21 Resolutions: Status of Issues

For Members of the Advocacy Committee:
* Overview of the Resolutions Process
* Issues Survey for PASA Members to assist in I.U. discussions (optional) - writable PDF (save after completing)
* Reporting Form: I.U. Reportwritable PDF (save after completing and before transmitting via email)

Questions? Contact Barbara Jewett by email or by phone at (717) 540-4448.