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Research and Development Committee

About the Committee...
The PASA Research and Development Committee, created in 1999, is appointed by the PASA president from among the PASA membership.   The Committee meets at the call of the chair.       
Role of the Committee...
*RESEARCH: The Committee supports and promotes research on emerging issues which have the potential to improve education. CLICK HERE (pdf) to read the 2015 Needs Assessment Report.
*PASA RESEARCH FELLOWS:  The committee also promotes and coordinates the PASA Research Fellows program, which encourages educational leadership doctoral students from around the Commonwealth to pursue research in areas of interest to PASA members.
Responsibilities of Committee Members...
*meet with the President's Cabinet to identify research needs and to establish research projects
*draw upon other PASA members, students in administrator preparation programs, and others to assist in conducting research and in reporting its findings to the Board of Governors
*participate in meetings of the committee

CLICK HERE to read the 2014-15 Research & Development Committee Report.

2017-18 Research & Development Committee

Chair: Dr. David Baugh, Centennial

Dr. Anthony Barber

Dr. Sherri Connell
Penns Valley

Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney

Dr. David Lehman
Conemaugh Valley

Dr. Joyce Pittman
Drexel University

Dr. Daniel Powell
North Pocono

Dr. G. Brian Toth
St. Marys Area

Dr. Brian Troop
Ephrata Area

Click here to read the 2014-15 Research & Development Committee Report.