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Women's Caucus

Welcome to the PASA Women's Caucus page!
The Women's Caucus of PASA is a state organization affiliated with PASA since 1984. The purpose of the Caucus is to improve the status, rights and opportunities for women in educational leadership. Our membership includes PASA members from across Pennsylvania.
Our Goals 
* to develop a network among women in or aspiring to positions in educational leadership
* to increase the number of women in positions of educational leadership
* to support and disseminate research concerning the status of women in education
* to sponsor seminars which provide opportunities for skill building and competency in educational leadership
* to encourage members to provide leadership for implementation of race, sex, and national origin equity throughout educational systems
What benefits does the Caucus offer you?
*an annual conference, offering nationally recognized speakers and numerous educational sessions
*informal regional dinners/meeting
*training and networking opportunities
*a network of mentors 
Becoming a Caucus member:

Only PASA members are eligible to join the Women's Caucus. Although PASA membership is required, there is no additional charge to join the Caucus. When completing your annual membership/renewal form, simply check the appropriate box on your PASA membership/renewal form. Not a PASA member? CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can join PASA, or contact Aubrey Kyler in the PASA office at (717) 540-4448 or by email.