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PASA Elections


PASA conducts an election annually for President-Elect and Treasurer, as outlined in the PASA Bylaws:

President-Elect: The President-Elect serves in the position for one year, as President the next year, and as Past President the following year. The President-Elect serves as chair of the Resolutions Committee during his/her term in office.

Treasurer: The Treasurer works with the Executive Director to oversee association finances and make reports to the Board of Governors. The elected Treasurer's term is one-year.

Eligibility: Eligible candidates for these positions must have been Active members of the Association for at least three years prior to seeking the position.

Nomination Process: Candidates must submit nominating petitions to the PASA office by the stated deadline to be placed on the ballot: one must have signatures of at least a majority of the current PASA members within the candidate's intermediate unit, and the other must have signatures of a minimum of 20 current PASA members from at least two other intermediate units. Only current PASA members who are eligible to vote in the election (those who are members Commissioned Officers, Small District Leaders or District Cabinet/Central Office) may sign the nominating petitions.


As determined by a joint agreement with AASA and based on current membership with AASA (as of 2015), Pennsylvania currently is eligible for five (5) positions* on the AASA Governing Board. Each Pennsylvania member serves for a three-year term, with no more than two open positions per year up for election, except for an election to fill an unexpired term. (* Pennsylvania representation on the Governing Board may vary based on AASA membership levels.)

Responsibilities of the Board: The AASA Governing Board consists of representatives elected from each state. The Board is responsible for:
* acting on resolutions submitted by the AASA Executive Committee or other resolutions approved for consideration with a 2/3 vote
* recommending policy to the Executive Committee
* serving as the liaison between state affiliates and AASA
* determining, on an annual basis, the Association dues for Active and Associate members
* recommending programs and activities for inclusion in the AASA budget
* reviewing the annual AASA budget
* affirming AASA's legislative agenda

Eligibility: Eligible candidates must have been an eligible voting member of both AASA and PASA for at least three years prior to the election. ("Voting members" of PASA include those who are current PASA members as Commissioned Officers, Small District Leaders or District Cabinet/Central Office. "Voting members" of AASA are current Active, Institutional Active, Life or College Professor members.)  Nominees must be committed to attending two AASA meetings per year (July and February). Travel expenses are provided for the July meeting. Governing Board members are responsible for their own expenses to the February meeting, which coincides with the AASA National School Leadership Conference.

Nomination Process: Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated from current PASA members. No signatures or petitions are required. As part of the election process, candidates must submit to the PASA office by the determined deadline a short biographical statement (including involement with AASA and PASA), goals for AASA, and reason(s) for seeking the position.