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PASA Webinars

Take a short time out of your day - and take advantage of these four one-hour informational PASA webinars focused on what you need to know!  Provided to school administrators online, this webinar series features both information and opportunity for Q & A.

NOTE: Registrants will be provided online access to a recording of each webinar for which they are registered.
2019 Fall Series: "Avoiding the Pitfalls - Part 2"

All four webinars will be offered from noon to 1 p.m.

September 24: Educator Discipline Act - Mandatory Reporting and Personal Liability
Sarah Castillo, Assistant Chief Counsel, and Nicole Werner, Assistant Counsel, Office of General Counsel, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education (PDE), will address the superintendent’s obligation to report, the reporting process from PDE’s perspective, information that is requested from the district, the management of confidentiality, and the administrator as a subject of a complaint.  Q&A will follow.

October 23, 2019: The Pennsylvania Public Official and Employee Ethics Act - Compliance & Unintended Consequences
Brian D. Jacisin, Esq., Deputy Executive Director/Director of Investigations, State Ethics Commission, will discuss compliance and unintended consequences, using a case review approach.  Parameters surrounding the acceptance of gifts in the form of objects, tickets, meals, travel, lodging, conference perks, etc. from vendors, and the disclosure of them will be reviewed.  Learn the cautions, reporting obligations, thresholds, potential exposure and consequences.

November 20, 2019: Record Retention, Right-to-Know and Litigation Holds
Learn from a highly regarded solicitor’s perspective.  Gareth D. Pahowka, Esquire, Stock and Leader, Attorneys at Law, will facilitate this session on records and information that must be maintained, the differences between use of school district-provided and personal equipment, information that can be obtained from and cautions to take when using personal equipment and with district equipment, information that can be requested from phones, computers, etc., the redacting of information, RTKL requests, and litigation holds.

December 10, 2019: Red-Flags and Salvaging Your Career When Board Relationships Go South
Dr. Mark DiRocco, Executive Director, Virginia Montgomery, General Counsel, and Linda McKay, Deputy General Counsel, PA Association of School Administrators; will provide information about "red-flags" that require commissioned officers' awareness.  Learn the legal aspects related to the renewal and non-renewal of contracts, working without a contract, buy-outs, severance, the solicitor's role, and retirement benefits.  Know your rights and options, and learn how to take appropriate action, as necessary, when a board member behaves inappropriately and/or the relationship between the commissioned officer and school board deteriorates.  

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Address registration questions to Jolene Zelinski at jolenez@pasa-net.org or by phone at (717) 540-4448. 

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