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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is composed of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Treasurer, one member elected from each of the 29 PASA regions, and the chairs of PASA committees. Representatives of PASA caucuses and, by tradition, any Pennsylvanian on the AASA Executive Committee serve on the Board of Governors but do not vote. Regional representatives on the Board of Governors serve three-year terms and may be re-elected. Active members in each region elect their representative from among the active members of the region on an established election cycle. 

Members of the PASA Board of Governors
Meetings: The PASA Bylaws require the Board to meet at least four (4) times a year, generally January, April, September and November. All regular meetings are scheduled at least a year in advance and approved by the Board of Governors. Special meetings may be held at the President's call or upon request of one-third of the Board members. 
Responsibilities of the Board: The PASA Bylaws provide that "The Board of Governors shall: a) Act on questions of policy for the Association and report its actions; b) Employ an Executive Director and fix his or her salary and his or her term; c) Adopt a budget; d) Appoint a certified public accountant to audit the accounts of the Association at the close of each year; e) Serve a liaison function with the Department of Education." 
Duties of Board Members:

* Making association policy and communicating with members are the primary responsibilities of Board members. Communication should be two-way. Board members are expected to communicate the interests, views and opinions of the members of the region they represent with the full board, and to report PASA activities to the members of the region. Board members are specifically asked to seek time on the IU superintendents' advisory council meeting agenda in the region they represent to discuss PASA issues. Further, Board members should seek ways to disseminate, on a regular basis, information about PASA and its activities to all members in the region and to solicit suggestions on PASA policy positions and the improvement of PASA from all members in the region.
* Board members should advise the PASA office of the appointment of any new Commissioned Officers in their regions.
* As the primary PASA representative in each region, the Board of Governors' member should meet with every new superintendent, either new to the position or new to the region, as soon as practicable after their appointment and share with them collegial support and an invitation to join PASA.
* Board members conduct regional meetings to fill positions on three statewide standing committees: Legislative, Membership and Resolutions.
* Board members should secure members from their region to serve on PASA AdHoc Committees as requested by the President.
* With the assistance of PASA members in their region, Board members should identify and nominate educators within their region to participate in PASA sponsored programs designed for aspirants to careers in school administration.