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It’s time to renew your membership to PASA, your state professional organization! This year was a positive step forward for your schools and PASA as a leading school organization. With membership now over 1,000 members, we have collectively grown in strength, networking, and influence within the Commonwealth. 

PASA continues to be a lead advocacy organization in the ongoing discussions and decisions that need to be made on state funding and mandate relief. With the Commonwealth Court ruling that Pennsylvania’s system for funding public education is unconstitutional, and the Basic Education Funding Commission’s Report from January 2024, PASA is delivering strong advocacy and collective action to ensure public schools receive the funding they need to educate all students. PASA and its members are jointly prepared to lead this work.  Stay connected and be a part of these important advocacy efforts!

PASA is pleased to announce that we have expanded our professional learning offerings, networking opportunities, and communication strategies.  

This year, for example, we launched our New Superintendent Induction Program and Enhanced Support Program, pairing experienced leaders and mentors with those working in the field. We launched PASAConnect, an exclusive online environment in which PASA members can network safely with one another by posting questions, sharing research and innovative practices, and engaging in webinars and virtual meetings!

PASA also continues to support our members through legal services and advice on Commissioned Officer contracts. 

In addition to our state-level work at PASA, AASA has also worked diligently at the federal level to provide you with the information and advocacy needed to work through this past year. Our goal is to ensure we are prepared for the many critical advocacy and operational opportunities ahead of us in 2024-25.

Investing in PASA and AASA is a wise decision for both current and future administrators! To encourage increased membership, PASA’s rates remain the same for this coming year with a slight adjustment in costs for AASA membership. PASA and AASA are the only professional organizations dedicated to meeting and representing the needs of commissioned officers and district-level administrators. This investment benefits you, your schools, and your educational goals.

Please join your colleagues and renew your membership today. There are many challenges ahead and PASA and AASA are here for you. Together we are stronger!

2024-25 Membership

Begins October 1, 2024 and ends September 30, 2025
(For information about membership prior to October 1, contact Aubrey Kyler at akyler@pasa-net.org.

94% of PASA Dues are considered deductible by the IRS​.

Join/Renew Online* - CLICK HERE
(*Exception: Online renewal or new membership is not available for those qualifying for Central Office Multiple-Member Discount or Associate Multi-Member Discount. Please use the appropriate writable form. Forms for all discounted memberships within the district must be submitted to the PASA office together.)


Complete the writable form:
1. Download and save the form to your PC.
2. Complete the form.
3. SAVE the document.
4. Send the form to PASA one of three ways:
  *send it as an attachment via email (akyler@pasa-net.org);
    *print and fax it to the PASA office at (717) 540-4405; or
    *mail it to the PASA office (PASA, attn. Aubrey Kyler, 2608 Market Place, Harrisburg, PA 17110).