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Legal Services

PASA Legal Services for Commissioned Officers

PASA's legal staff offers a wide range of employment-related legal resources and services to PASA members who are Commissioned Officers. These services include consulting services, employment contract services, non-litigation dispute resolution, and assistance with the negotiation and development of separation agreements.  
In addition, employment contract assistance is available to PASA members and non-members who are being considered for appointment to their first commissioned position and to experienced administrators who are relocating from another state and moving into a commissioned position in Pennsylvania.  

Anyone interested in seeking assistance from PASA's legal staff should first carefully review the PASA Legal Services Policy to understand the scope of services offered and how to request such assistance.  CLICK HERE (pdf) to review the PASA Legal Services Policy*, including the process for accessing the services.

(* as amended and approved by the PASA Board of Governors on Sept. 19, 2015, and in effect as of 10/1/15)

For more more information or questions about PASA Legal Services, contact: 
Virginia Montgomery, Esq., General Counsel
(717) 903-4181



PASA Legal Services Policy

Application for Services