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Sponsorship Program

PASA is the membership organization of Pennsylvania’s chief school administrators whose 900 plus members include school district superintendents, intermediate unit executive directors and charter school chief administrative officers. PASA provides several general Sponsorship options for businesses interested in gaining additional visibility and access to PASA members.  

The PASA Sponsorship Program includes five sponsorship levels and additional ala carte opportunities to support PASA programs and activities.
Levels of Sponsorship: Each level offers specific recognition and access to PASA members. Contact PASA for details. 
Diamond Level- $12,000
Platinum Level- $6,000
Gold Level- $4,000 
Silver Level - $2,000
Business Level - $750
* effective as of January 1, 2020

Additional Opportunities for Sponsors...
PASA Sponsors may obtain additional opportunities for access to PASA members, including sponsorship of specific elements of PASA events, award sponsorship, and other opportunities as available. Contact PASA for information.
For more information about PASA's Sponsorship Program, contact:
Dr. Sherri Smith, Executive Director
Phone: (717) 540-4448
PASA does not endorse any product or vendor.