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PASA does not endorse any product or vendor. PASA Corporate Sponsors have shown their financial support through monetary contributions. The compensation received by PASA from Corporate Sponsors is a benefit to PASA and its members, as the funds are used to provide or offset the costs of additional benefits. However, the receipt of this compensation could also be deemed a conflict of interest. By accepting this compensation from Corporate Sponsors, PASA grants access to its members and gives recognition to its Corporate Sponsors. Corporate Sponsors may offer PASA members its products and services. PASA members are responsible to make their own decisions with respect to the products and services offered.

Edmentum is committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student through research-based digital curriculum, interim assessments, and educational consulting. We are committed to delivering rigorous, research-based curricula that is aligned to the most up-to-date state or national standards and designed to engage all students. 
Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software, connecting solutions for student and special programs, business operations and human capital management with powerful analytics to empower educators. The analytics and data visualization suite is a comprehensive tool that provides real-time data for everything from prioritization of resources and identifying current-year financial resources to how to make timely, equitable decisions aligned to district goals and how to identify and designate highly effective teachers. Frontline partners with over 10,000 clients to deliver tools, data and insights purpose-built for K-12 that support greater efficiency and productivity, enabling school leaders to spend more time on strategic initiatives that impact student success and district excellence.
Lincoln Investment is a full-service broker/dealer and registered investment adviser that provides investment programs and retirement products and services. Lincoln is committed to helping investors build wealth to satisfy a lifetime of investment and retirement needs through their dedicated financial professionals.
Since 1981 and serving more than 2,600 local entities, the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust (PLGIT) has helped local government and school entities to pool their resources to gain better control of their assets, get a good return, and seek a safe haven for their money.
Right at School provides safe, engaging and meaningful in-school and extracurricular programs and child care programs before, during and after school to give parents peace of mind and enable schools to focus on their academic mission. 
SuperEval is innovative educational leadership evaluation software. The innovative evaluation methodology includes employing reflective practices, conducting a self-assessment, and assembling a portfolio as examples of leadership driving an evidenced-based process. SuperEval serves all leadership team members from the school board and superintendent, to central office and building-level administrators and support staff. SuperEval provides a library of rubric choices from state and national organizations. This web-based software is one of the most automated, contributing to a world-class user experience as an easy-to-use product. If a question arises, our award-winning support team is available to you via phone, instant chat or email.  SuperEval is powered by PLS 3rd Learning, which has a long history of supporting educators and leaders across the Commonwealth.
McClure Company is recognized for our flexibility, trusted reputation, and progressive ideas to meet changing energy demands. Coupled with cutting-edge capabilities, our innovative construction and modernization approach delivers sustainable building upgrades, on schedule and on budget.

BloomBoard is a talent development provider that enables K-12 school districts to grow, advance, and retain educators by making professional education a benefit of employment. Our platform connects school districts to higher education institutions that offer apprenticeship, certification, and degree programs using a unique on-the-job instructional model. We help to assess needs, build and  implement plans, and celebrate educator success.
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We work in conjunction with the Chester County Intermediate Unit, in collaboration with school districts, IUs, and behavioral health systems. CCRES provides over 1600 professional, dedicated staff members to meet the needs of children and adults challenged by autism, behavioral health issues, mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities and physical disabilities. CCRES also provides educational consultants and administrative supports to schools throughout the region. 
Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company's products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students. Learn more at www.curriculumassociates.com. 
ESS partners with districts to help them implement culturally inclusive mental health and behavioral support programs that have been proven to improve care, strengthen academics, address trauma, and maintain students in-district because every child deserves to reach their full potential.
Over the past 20 years, Fidevia has developed into a full-service, dedicated and trustworthy Owner’s Representative/Construction Management firm specializing in the Pennsylvania K-12 marketplace. Fidevia protects its clients at every phase in the construction process – serving as the eyes, ears and professional advocate of our clients to best ensure an excellent construction experience, within budget, on time and free of claims.
Horace Mann has been a trusted school partner since 1945 and a longtime PASA corporate supporter, offering unique products and services designed with educators financial wellness in mind. To learn more, contact your local Horace Mann representative or visit horacemann.com
Imagine Learning is a PreK–12 digital learning solutions company that ignites learning breakthroughs by designing forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology to drive student growth. Brands include Imagine Edgenuity, Imagine Learning, LearnZillion, StudySync and Twig Education. Read more about Imagine Learning at http://www.imaginethefutureoflearning.com
New Story Schools offers a safe, nurturing environment for our students and their families.  We ensure that each student’s needs are met, and that they have the necessary supports to learn, grow and achieve their goals. River Rock Academy is committed to providing the internal power to change, effect and improve the lives of the students we serve.  We serve students from the Northern region, as well as Central, South Central and Eastern Counties of PA.
NoRedInk is an adaptive writing platform which: 
1. Scaffolds the full writing process for students
2. Supports teacher capacity, and confidence to teach writing through standards-aligned writing and grammar instruction for teachers.
3. Provides transparency and actionable data to administrators around writing skills mastery, and writing growth year over year.  
For nearly 40 years, Questeq has been at the forefront of education’s technological revolution. Founded by an educator who recognized the need for schools to have increased expertise and resources to realize technology’s potential, the company has grown but its commitment to supporting great tech in the classroom remains unchanged. Visit www.questeq.com to find out why more than 100,000 students, teachers, and administrators trust Questeq each day to deliver the talent, expertise, and resources necessary to keep them on the right track.
Founded in 2009, 7 Mindsets is a comprehensive well-being, mental health and assessment solution provider for schools and districts across the country. The company offers multi-tiered curriculums, assessments, professional learning, and coaching that ensure safe and supportive learning communities. Its highly effective programs have been shown to improve student engagement, behavior, and academic achievement, and have been used by over 5 million students and educators. 
SitelogIQ delivers comprehensive facility solutions that support the resiliency, future-proofing, energy saving, operating efficiency and sustainability goals of their clients, creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments that promote productivity, increased output, and improved experiences. 

At Pearson, we partner with schools and educational professionals at every level to help enhance instruction and improve learning outcomes. Our large-scale assessments, as well at our classroom assessments, help state, district and school leaders make informed decisions and help learners reach their potential. With more than 80 years of experience in the assessment field, Pearson’s Assessment group offers innovative and comprehensive products and services to meet our varied customers’ needs. 


Streamlining communication and collaboration between a service agency and a school district is just as important as it is internally within your own organization. At the Capital Area Intermediate Unit, we have developed an online Meeting Management solution, called AgendaManager® that supports communication both vertically within our service agency and horizontally with our school districts. AgendaManager® provides a common web-based platform for planning and implementing all service agency and school district meetings, such as Board, Administrative, Faculty, etc. 
Audio Enhancement's solutions are designed to be able to work together or on their own—classroom audio providing clear instruction; classroom video to enhance digital content to facilitate effective remote and blended learning; school-wide communication to allow for instant flexible scheduling to accommodate staggered schedules; and school safety to provide quick communication with office staff to communicate urgent situations.
EF is the Global Leader in International Education. We help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future through experiential learning on educator-led, international travel programs.  We support administrators and educators through professional development on global competencies.

Built by a team of educators and data scientists, the Munetrix platform combines your disparate data with publicly available K-12 data to give you real-time, actionable insights on academic, operational, and fiscal performance, allowing you to improve student and district outcomes.

Now proudly serving over 20,000 students throughout the US, Counslr's 24/7/365 on-demand mental health support service provides school communities access to unlimited live texting sessions with licensed counselors in under 2 minutes or by scheduled appointment.As an effective prevention platform, Counslr is specifically focused on better reaching the traditionally unreachable members of school communities who need help but don't seek it for a variety of reasons, typically related to cost, inconvenience, and stigma. Accordingly, 83% of students who use Counslr had never previously engaged with a school counselor, allowing Counslr to serve previously unserved populations.Learn how Counslr can help you reach your traditionally unreachable students at www.counslr.com.
Kades-Margolis and our network of financial advisors specialize in serving employees of public education and their families.  We offer PSERS guidance, financial strategies and proven retirement programs including 403(b), 457(b) and IRA solutions, all geared toward preparing for retirement and beyond.
Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS) administers retirement plan and trust solutions for school districts nationwide. We offer tax-deferred separation incentives that have saved millions of dollars in public resources and are the pioneer of combination Section 115 trusts for managing pension and retiree healthcare liabilities.”
Discover the leader in insurance and risk management programs for Pennsylvania educational entities for over 50 years. We are focused on the concerns and needs of our public schools and dedicated to providing them with the highest quality specialized programs and personalized customer service. Contact PSBA Insurance for your unemployment compensation, travel accident and student accident insurance needs.

Securly helps more than 15,000 schools worldwide support their most critical student safety, student wellness, and student engagement initiatives. By providing student wellness monitoring, classroom management, parent/caregiver engagement, and ed tech support solutions, Securly gives district and school leaders and student safety and wellness teams the tools and insights they need to achieve better student outcomes and make the most efficient use of their resources.