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The Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) is the premier professional organization that cultivates and sustains Pennsylvania school system leaders.


This Week's Update (11-11-19) - U.S. Secret Service: Schools should focus on student social and emotional health to identify threats; report on rural schools and students identifies strengths, needs

Reports & Information...
* 2019-20 State Budget. CLICK HERE for links and information.
* June 2019 PASBO/PASA School District Budget Report.  CLICK HERE to read the report. 
* School Safety Resources: CLICK HERE.
White Paper: Cost Analysis of Cyber Charter Schools & Public School District Cyber Learning Programs CLICK HERE to read the report.


  • Fall Webinar Series - Avoiding the Pitfalls Part 2 - continuing on Nov. 20: "Record Retention, Right-to-Know and Litigation Holds"
  • New Superintendents' Academy Part 3: Professional & Community Leadership - Jan. 7-8 (PASA Office): effective and ongoing communication, collaboration and empowerment of others inside and outside of the organization in the pursuit of excellence in student learning 
  • Aspiring to Leadership Workshop - Jan. 31 (PASA Office); for those considering moving forward in their leadership journey, whether into central office or the superintendency
  • NEW! PASA Leadership Forum: Responsive Schools, Resilient Students - March 29-31 (State College); for ALL district & building administrators who want to create safe schools and build strong cultures that promote the well-being of staff and students, increase student engagement, & enhance academic performance

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