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Superintendent Enhanced Support Program

PASA is the “premier professional organization that cultivates and sustains Pennsylvania school system leaders.” The District Superintendent position is a complex, high-profile job with a broad range of job responsibilities. At times there is a need for direct support for a current Superintendent due to a new initiative in the district or for a need of a new direction in one’s leadership style.

PASA’s Superintendent Enhanced Support Program facilitates a working relationship between the Superintendent and an established Coach that allows for open and private discussions and provides resources to sustain school system leaders.

This new program will include the following parameters:  

  • A Coach will be matched with the leader for the duration of time determined by the selected Program Option.
  • Regular contact Coach/Superintendent meetings as needed to:
    • review current progress and identify next steps throughout the year to accomplish the Superintendent’s desired results.
    • assist with effective practices for communications with School Boards (e.g., agendas and information for school board meetings)
    • assist with effective practices for working with the District’s Administrative Team
    • assist with effective practices for communications to staff, parents, and the community.
    • address current issues and concerns within District.
    • review and help prioritize typical monthly tasks for Superintendents to accomplish, including budget development.
  • Coach will attend at least one board meeting (more if requested) to gain perspective of board and community climate (if part of the developed program).
  • Coach will attend at least one administrative team meeting (more if requested) to observe and advise as needed (if part of the developed program).
  • Coach will be available and on call for the leader to discuss any items or issues the leader is experiencing.
    Note:  Program will be adapted to meet the individualized needs of the Superintendent.

The program is open to PASA members who are current or acting Superintendents. The Superintendent applies to participate via the PASA Support Program Application that requests information about the Superintendent, the Superintendent’s District, and the Superintendent’s desired result(s).  The application will be reviewed and approved by the PASA Executive Director.

PASA will develop a list of coaches who meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Served as a successful Superintendent, having served for at least 5 years (preferably in the same District)
  • If a retired Superintendent, has remained current in education policy and practices (working in some educational leadership capacity in the past 3 years.)
  • Approved by PASA Executive Director as a Coach.

PASA will match the Superintendent with a Coach based on the following: proximity to Superintendent’s district, past experiences, personality, and compatibility. Superintendent will approve the Coach prior to completing the program contract.
Prior to working with a Superintendent, Coaches must participate in the PASA provided training program, as well as a refresher networking session with other Coaches annually thereafter.  These sessions will be offered free with the understanding that the Coach will agree to coach at least one Superintendent during that year.
PASA administers the program via the management of applications, assignments, program contracts, billing, training, etc.  The Superintendent will submit a signed program application to PASA. The Coach will sign a contract and complete required training with PASA prior to the start of the program.
Additionally, networking sessions will be facilitated by PASA’s Director for Professional Development and will focus on the concepts and competencies within the PSEL and PIL Standards, and current topics/needs of the participating Superintendents.
There are three (3) options of programs available to Superintendents based on their specific needs and time allotment.
  1. Comprehensive Program - $7,200 for 12-month program. 
  • Minimum of 24 Coach contacts during twelve-month program
  • Costs are based an average of 10 hours per month of contact and communications, during Comprehensive Program.
  • Total cost is $600 per month, $7,200 per year.
  1. Consolidated Program - $3,600 for full 6-month program or reduced 12-month program.
  • Costs are based on an average of 10 hours/month for 6 months or 5 hours/month for 12-month program of contact and communications during Consolidated Program.
  • Total cost is $3,600 for program.
  1. Customized Program
  • This “ala carte” program will be built around the specific needs of the Superintendent.
  • Customized programs can be based on a specific project, such as construction, budgeting, etc., or customized for a specific period of time and number of contacts.
  • Costs are based on $60/hr. during the Customized Program.
  •  Total Cost to be determined based on Customized Program.

Contact Dr. Sherri L. Smith, PASA's Executive Director, at ssmith@pasa-net.org or  717-540-4448.